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There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must sit down and sort through all the things that have been cluttering around them. But that is no easy task. But however tiresome it might get, decluttering your stuff is an important part of downsizing.

Whether it is to reorganize your home or office or to move to a new one, decluttering can be overwhelming and it’s always a good idea to have help. Too Good To Waste is a storage and moving service which, in addition to multiple other services, provides you professional and expert decluttering services.

How does decluttering work at Too Good To Waste?

The decluttering services we offer are aimed at helping you reduce stress and take one step closer to a more organised home. Our team rolls up their sleeves and assists you physically in sorting out items and develop a storage strategy for them.

The decluttering process at Too Good To Waste typically occurs in the following phases:

  • Initial Consultation: the first step is to have a discussion with you, take a look at your clutter, and address the wholesome scope of the project. If we come to an analysis that your decluttering can be done by you and does not necessarily require professional help, we transparently convey that message to you and even show you how.
  • Sorting through items: once we have been hired, the second step is to sort items and differentiate the similar ones from the different ones. For this multiple strategies such as labelling, colour coding, separate storage etc. may be employed.
  • Packing: once the items have been sorted, we assist you in making a decision as to which items you want to store and which ones you want to move on from. Then, we help you pack the items in the latter category. We employ are well-trained packers here so that your items are completely taken care of.
  • Storing or donating your items: once the packing has been done, we plan a storage strategy for them. Mostly this involves renting a storage unit or renting a truck to move the clutter someplace of your choice. Another option is to donate some of the things you absolutely do not need. For both the options, we offer dedicated services.
What decluttering services do we offer exactly?

The services of decluttering can be applied to your whole house or just to one part of it. Irrespective, we provide uncompromised services to you. Some services include but are not limited to:

a. General decluttering and organizing
b. Home staging
c. Small business/home office management
d. Preparing for relocation
e. Pre moving and post moving planning
f. Re-decorating or re-organizing

Tips on Decluttering your house

Like we mentioned above, not all decluttering scenarios require extreme professional help. The experts from our team do not shy away from offering you advice and showing on tips on how you can declutter on your own. Some of those tips include:

a. Begin by organizing similar things
b. Firmly decide the things you want to give up.
c. Recycle items by donating them or by hiring our professional recycling services.
d. Use labels or color codes to make sorting easy.
e. Buy appropriate storage containers.

These are just a handful of tips which more often than not work for everyone. But decluttering can look different for different people which is why we always begin our decluttering service with an independent consultation.

Once you have our team on your side, there is no stuff that you cannot declutter. Whether its home decluttering, paperwork organisation, home refurbishment, or a sole wardrobe organisation, our team has got you all the way.

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