Donation Pickup and Delivery Services

Send your old items to a new home.

It is not too uncommon for us to get over things and want to move to newer ones especially when we have been using them for years or decades. House and/or business assets like furniture or appliances, our apparels and footwear and smaller stuff like books and stationery sometimes are things that we can easily grow out of, get bored with, or would want to change once we’ve used them for a very long time.

Too Good To Waste helps you with exactly that. We provide donation pickup and delivery services so that you can provide a new house for your old things. When it’s time for you to move on and upgrade to better, newer things in life, trust the Too Good To Waste team to find a second life place for your used things.

What stuff do we pick up for donations?

We understand that people may want to donate different things that mean different to them and that anyone may be in need of anything which is why we do not limit our pickup services to certain kinds of donative assets.

So irrespective of the items you wish to donate, once you schedule a pickup with us, our representatives will drive to your doorstep, pick up the donation box(es), and deliver them to the destination of your choice.
To give you an idea about the kind of things we pick up for donation, here is a list:

a. Apparels and clothing
b. Unused stationery items
c. Household items
d. Stuffed animals/any stuffed toys
e. Computers
f. Electronics and electrical appliances
g. Cars
h. Footwear
i. Furniture
j. Gadgets

How does it work?

There are only two simple steps to donate through the services of Too Good To Waste.
a. Schedule a pick up: you contact the Too Good To Waste team, have a dialogue with the representatives, and after getting the process sorted, schedule a pick up.

b. Donate at your doorstep: our team drives with the pickup truck to your doorstep where you can donate the items you wish to pass on, sign all the necessary paperwork, and done!

Why donate through Too Good To Waste?

a. It’s convenient: we offer flexible services that can be scheduled according to your convenience as and when your routine allows. You get the freedom and ease to donate at your doorstep.

b. Transparency: we believe in honesty when it comes to business so we are transparent with you from the first step. Right from the time when the things will be picked up to the place where they will be delivered, you are informed of every step on the way.

c. All-inclusive services: Our team is a team that believes in providing a comprehensive and convenient experience to our clients which is why our donation pickup services are inclusive of labour, sorting, packing, loading, unloading, and transportation. However, we also understand that not everyone requires all of these services therefore we offer the option of tailoring the pickup to best suit your needs.

d. Multiple Services at one place: Too Good To Waste takes pride in being among the finest residential and office donation pickup providers in the area. So now you do not have to knock on different doors because you have different things to donate. In fact, if you make use of our all-inclusive services, you don’t even have to sort the things yourself.

Allow us to help you make a difference in other people’s life. With dedication to top-notch services, and goodwill at our hearts, we are proud to be your donation partners.

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