Storm Recovery Services

Nature is unpredictable. And sometimes it can bring a lot of unwanted stress with itself. We are dedicated at removing this stress and help you recover after a storm. The Too Good To Waste team is a team of professionals who assist you in moving your furniture and other belongings into storage and offer a comprehensive clean up service after you have witnessed a storm.

We employ our tried and tested strategies developed after years of experience into providing help with storm recovery. Primarily after a storm has passed, a building is left with heaps of debris and liquid waste. In addition to focusing on that, we also focus on helping you move your valuables into safe storage and sorting through all the damaged belongings.

Our services are inclusive of labor, sorting, moving, and storing however, each service could be customized as per your needs and requirements.

Why choose Too Good To Waste storm recovery services?
  • Experience: we have been providing people with recovery services for years. That is to say we know the dos and don’ts of storm recovery. Our experienced employees can guide through each step of the way offering advise as and when you require.
  • Well-trained team: our teams have been professionally trained to offer assistance to commercial and residential sector during a natural calamity like storms, floods, tornadoes etc.
  • Comprehensive clean up: while debris removal is the core focus of a storm recovery service, we also offer a clean-up for all other kinds of waste that may have gathered in your property along with debris.
  • Convenient: you can schedule our storm recovery service as and when it suits you. Whether it is right after the storm has passed or a couple hours later, all you have to do is get in touch with our team, tell us your needs, and hire us. We will take care of everything else.
How does the Too Good To Waste execute a storm recovery?

Rarely will it happen that after receiving your call we will end up on your doorstep with cleaning equipment in our hands. The damage caused by a storm is not always visible to the eye as smaller waste such as river silt and foreign objects can gather in different parts of your property. The execution of a storm recovery thus includes the following steps:

  • Program development: wherein we assess the property, make note of the intensity of damage, and pen down a plan.
  • Program management: wherein the timeline for the entire clean-up is calculated and work is distributed among the team.
  • Program execution: wherein we begin the work of cleaning up the storm step by step. This part may include carrying out services like sewage hauling, sanitary and storm sewer cleaning, sewage inspections etc.

We are dedicated at providing not only the services but also the information and knowledge it is important for you to have so that you can take the necessary precaution in the future. For this, representatives from our team hold dialogues with you while the recovery service is carried out.

If you have been unfortunate enough to witness a storm or any similar natural calamity, all you have to do is call Too Good To Waste and let us assist you with everything that you need. Every clean-up carried out by our team is in compliance with local regulations and takes care of not damaging the environment any further. We are proud of the environment-friendly services we provide and take every extra step we need to, to make sure that the waste is safely removed and disposed off.

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